I spent far too many years pretending and denying that I wasn’t a hipster – there was no possible way someone like me could fall into that stereotype. And that’s all it is, just a stereotype. But now, at the age of nearly 27 revolutions of this rock around the sun, I will finally admit to it. Maybe I don’t dress like what you imagine a hipster to look like, or share all of their interests and lifestyle choices.

But what I do like is coffee – and the trendier and more unique the cafe is, the better. Luckily, I live in Tokyo these days, and while Tokyo may make you imagine nothing but tea ceremonies and matcha when it comes to hot drinks, the cafe scene here is unbelievable.

I love spending my weekends cafe hopping and trying to find the most unique kinds of coffee and sweets, and checking out the different aesthetics and atmospheres of the places I can find. And I also really like to talk. Thus I bring you this blog, which I am hoping that even if no one else ever finds it very useful, it gives me a place I can talk about latte art and delicious desserts to my heart’s content. But I am hoping that this blog can give some people some ideas for places to visit in Tokyo to enjoy coffee other than just another Starbucks or Tully’s, and support the independent cafe scene here.

As for a little about me, as I said, I’m nearly 27. Mostly, I like science fiction, video games, and alternative Japanese street fashion. I’m working on my own grungy sci-fi novel whenever I get the chance, and collecting tattoos when I have the money. I work hard at several jobs, and play hard in my free time. My dream is to go to space someday.

But while I’m here on earth, I’m going to drink as much coffee as I can. Which brings us to the most important point – what is this blog going to be about anyway? Well, I’m hoping to make it a guide to cafes and coffee mostly in Tokyo, with directions for how to get places, my feelings on both their atmospheres and how they taste, and general recommendations on what the place is good for. I did used to live in Shizuoka for a few years and have many friends there, so I’ll have a few cafes from there as well – and I have a lover near Osaka, so I might also occasionally have posts from Kansai. But mostly, the focus of this blog will be about Tokyo.

Please enjoy your stay, and I hope that someone will find my caffeine-fuelled rants useful someday.