Be a Good Neighbour {Asakusa / Sky Tree}

Address: 1-1-2 Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Sky Tree Town Soramachi 2F
Open: 10am – 9pm
Soy Milk: No


Be a Good Neighbour Coffee Kiosk is small and rather unassuming at first glance. There are locations in Roppongi and Sendagaya as well, but I personally stumbled upon the one at Sky Tree Town in Soramachi shopping centre. It just looked like a small wooden counter with a few scattered seats amongst all the other chain stores in the mall. But it was morning and I hadn’t had any coffee so we decided to try it out.

I’m really glad that we did! The menu was not very extensive but I ordered a cappuccino and it had a great flavour. Cappuccino is not usually my drink of choice but this one was very, very good. They also had a nice range of a few teas in addition to some other coffee drinks. Food choice was limited but the cookie I had tasted wonderful despite being pre-packaged. It was only a little bit sweet and a great compliment to the cappuccino. Admittedly I couldn’t open it on my own but the barista did it for me with some scissors and reassurances that it happens all the time.

I think that what Be a Good Neighbour has going for it is that it’s literally right under Sky Tree, so you can enjoy your coffee just outside on the sidewalk (there are a few benches and tables) and look straight up at the tower – that’s arguably an unbeatable view. Plus with all the chaos of Soramachi shopping centre, it’s nice to have a little place to relax and enjoy good coffee that isn’t just another Starbucks or Tully’s (of which Soramachi also has many). So if you’re visiting Sky Tree, check out Be a Good Neighbour for your coffee break!

Pros: Fantastic view of Sky Tree, Good cookies, friendly and helpful staff
Cons: Limited menu (especially food), limited seating, busy location


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