Coffee Valley {Ikebukuro}

Address: 2-26-3 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Open: 8am – 10pm
Soy Milk: Yes


I love living near Ikebukuro, it’s a very convenient and fun area of Tokyo to be in. There’s always plenty to do and see, loads of restaurants and shopping, and plenty of unique things like Japan’s largest PokeCentre and the world’s biggest anime store. But what Ikebukuro is severely lacking in is non-chain coffee shops. Thankfully, I recently discovered an exception – Coffee Valley.

Less than ten minute’s walk from the East side of Ikebukuro station, Coffee Valley is tucked down a small alleyway with a tiny door and sign, so it’s very easy to miss so be ready to use your phone the first time you visit. But once you’re inside, the cafe is surprisingly big with a decent-sized upstairs and quite a few tables, as well as a long counter. The interior is minimalist and all light woods, making it feel very warm and cosy.

Then there’s the coffee, which is arguably some of the best-tasting I have had in Tokyo. Coffee Valley is a proper espresso shop, with most of it’s drinks featuring their espresso. My recommendation if you are only going to stop by once is to try the “Three Peaks,” which is their speciality. It is a sample of three cups at once – one shot of espresso, one cup of their drip coffee, and one macchiato. Though their mocha and cappuccino are very good, too!


Coffee Valley doesn’t have a lot of food to pick from, but everything I have tried has been delicious. I also recommend their toast plate, which is a thick slice of really good bread, lightly toasted, with honey and butter on the side and a hard boiled egg. It’s a perfect side dish for their coffee!

Pros: Amazing espresso, plenty of seats, quiet atmosphere, nice interior
Cons: Difficult to find, staff not always extremely friendly to outsiders. not a wide selection of food



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